Saturday, March 22, 2008

Security Updates

  • The victim of the home invasion/rape in Roland Park last summer has finally returned home. There have been no arrests since the first suspect was released.
  • Friends School has suffered the same fate as Bryn Mawr and Boys' Latin: an early-morning burglary with a projector stolen.
  • The Bassett family of Roland Park has sued General Growth Properties, owner/operators of TowsonTown Center, as well as Allied Barton Security as a result of the murder of William Bassett, a faculty leader at St. Paul's school which occurred in the mall's parking garage nearly three years ago.
  • GEDCO finally got a visit from the police and is apparently determined to stay in their present location despite the recent rape/robbery of an employee last fall and other earlier crimes.
  • Charles Village had an inaugural "Citizens on Patrol" walk in order to kick off a COP program there with a lot of dignitaries and the Commish. Now comes the hard part: organizing and keeping a citizens on patrol group running and getting and keeping volunteers to keep doing it.


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buzoncrime said...

Thanks for the update! I had not seen that issue of the Messenger. I'm wondering what new evidence the gendarmes have uncovered leading to this warrant. DNA, perhaps!? There is always hope. We hope the evidence against this suspect is stronger than the one they had to release.