Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Cynical Chronicles: In Memory...

See thought of the Baltimore Cynic regarding Zach Sowers' murder at his blog:
Buz has some random thoughts:
*From what I read of the evidence, the case against dirtball Trayvon was pretty weak as to his specific involvement-absent the testimony of his three cronies. No one really knows what happened except Zach and them. So the prosecutors had to roll with what they had. Most city prosecutors work hard to salvage the best they can from their cases, and must weigh the risks against an unknown result from a jury trial. Most prosecutors in the city, I have found to be dedicated public servants. (By the way, Buz still believes that most juries try to do the right thing most of the time, some well-publicized cases excepted.) At least now we know that Mr. Trayvon and his bunkies are now in a place where if they like to fight, there'll probably someone there to accommodate them. Maryland's prisons are incubators of violence. My guess is that they're really not tough guys, because probably all four were involved in the robbery. Most likely sissies playing at being tough.
*It is hard to believe that when I read the website City-Data and its Baltimore Forum, and then read Baltimore Crime blog, that we are talking about the same city. Check it out for yourselves and see the gushing civic boosterism. Buz to jonjj: It was good that you suggested that a newcomer to Baltimore might not want to venture too far west from Eutaw Place.  This was the first instance I saw when you didn't declare every part of the city mentioned to be wonderful.

*Baltimore has a persistent criminal street culture that goes back many years. If I knew what to do about it, I would make a lot more money than I do now. But I hope that people will take note that after dark, in most parts of the city, the streets belong to the thuggie-wuggies, (they're not cuddly for sure). The criminal justice system is mostly broken, and the police department, sad to say, is mostly broken. I'm glad to see that the Southeast District investigators in this case earned Anna's praise for their hard work.

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John Galt said...

We're not talking about the same city.

There's a Baltimore A, which is described in the Urbanite, full of bead shops, Tiki lounges, and half-million dollar restored historic townhomes in upscale white communities.

And then there's Baltimore B, which is fairly accurately portrayed in The Wire.

The people who live in one almost never interact with those who live in the other, except for the benefit of the camera.

The Deep South may have outgrown segregation, but Bal'more never has.