Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Sun's story on criminals who get murdered while not apprehended

I am not sure I understand the implications of the Sun's story this morning about the thug who, though 18, had been committed to a juvenile facility in  Pennsylvania, and was murdered after he walked away/escaped. The article seems to suggest that because the police did not arrest him quick enough, they were somehow responsible for his being murdered. The article also mentions a bunch of other juvies who were murdered while they violated home detention. Well, gee, they shoulda stayed home.
This particular car-jacking thug got away from the place in Pa. causing Buz to wonder:
  • How'd he get back to Baltimore? He sure as heck didn't walk down 83.
  • What's his girlfriend see in him anyway? Supposedly, she dropped him off at the place on Wilkens Avenue just before he got killed. Maybe he had a source for some good weed. On the other hand, she might have set him up.
  • He was supposedly afraid of being shot and killed since he was shot 3 times on a previous occasion. Well, gee, if he was so afraid, why didn't he stay up in Pa. till his juvie sentence was up. So much for learning from experience, I guess.
  • He got a call on his cell phone. How's he got the money for his cell phone, or do they issue them at the juvie place? Sounds like somebody is/was enabling him.
  • What's a carjacker doing in an insecure facility, anyway?
I just think the implication that the police didn't arrest him fast enough to keep him from getting killed is a little far fetched. You know, people make decisions, and sometimes those decisions have consequences. My guess is that he was heavily involved in the drug trade in Baltimore, much like our two recent kidnapping victims from Catonsville.

On one level I feel compassion for his since he was abandoned by his parents at an early age, and had the deck stacked against him. However, on another level, he was wily enough to arrange his escape, engage in carjacking before that, get and learn how to use a cellphone, and make enemies enough who wanted to kill him (and they did).  If he had lived, he would have contributed mightily to those city's lousy crime rate.

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