Friday, June 25, 2010

Fund raiser for hit and run victim!

These irresponsible drivers out there aren't happy that they speed, yell on their cell phone, and drink. When they hit someone, they don't stop; they keep on going. It drives Buz crazy!

But a recent hit and run really hit close--in a way.
My wife and I had just interviewed a nice, artistic young woman who was self-employed a painter for a modest job at our beautiful row house in Hampden which we rent out. We both liked her, and her price looked like it was going to be reasonable, but then we never heard from her.

After several attempts to contact, she finally phoned us from the hospital. She had just finished an assignment in Homeland, and was getting into her small pickup truck, when: BAM! She and her truck got struck by a blue GMC pickup, knocking her into the air. She suffered a fractured pelvis, and her leg was fractured in several places. A roofer working nearby saw it, but could not get the tag number. Quick response from Baltimore City fire/ems units probably saved her life, as she was going in and out of consciousness in the ambo.

The hit and run clown has never been located. Why don't these cowards stop?! Probably for a lot of reasons: knew it was their fault, and didn't want it "on their record"; drunk or drugged (not in Baltimore, eh?); no license; license suspended or revoked, etc., etc.

But anyway:

She, Miki Scholtes, is now preparing to get well enough to go home, but her friends have gotten together to have a fund-raiser on her behalf:

TOMORROW, SATURDAY, JUNE 26TH, AND THE WINDUP SPACE, 12 W. NORTH AVENUE, 3 BANDS FOR 10 BUCKS ADMISSION. THEY HOPE TO RAISE ENOUGH TO MAKE HER CAR PAYMENTS AND INSURANCE, SO THAT once she's healed, she can get back to work to support herself. Read more details here.

There's also going to be a raffle with some great stuff. Buz encourages all to go, if they like cool bands, or cool stuff.