Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marian House correction!

Sheesh! Buz made an error and got his hand slapped with a ruler! Back in a bunch of postings in April, he made the comment that the woman who plead guilty for having her daughter die of methadone should go to Marian House. Then he said that they wouldn't tell the ladies there about birth control.

I just got an email from the Executive Director of Marian House reporting that this Catholic Institution does indeed cover topics of unwanted pregnancy and birth control! Who woulda thunk!?

Your consultant stands corrected.

All joking aside, Marian House is an excellent resource for women coming from all sorts of disadvantaged backgrounds, who need "to get themselves together".  Many come from prison, and addiction and poverty; Buz has referred several people there; however, most don't go.

I'm very curious about what exactly, however, is being taught--considering the church's longstanding positions of birth control and abortion.

But thanks for your correction and challenging my "assumptions".
veteran of 12 years of Catholic schools and disciplining by nuns and brothers