Saturday, March 22, 2008

Morgan State campus police chief unarrests student

My computer spell checker says there is no such word as unarrest. Sheesh. Gadi Decter's article in this morning's Sun created more questions than it answered in Buz's mind. At each level, the incident could have been handle much better.

The campus security consultant in me wonders:
  • Why the student did not pay, if her card showed zero balance. Entitled, perhaps?
  • Why there was no balance in her card's account. A Morgan computer glitch perhaps?
  • Why the cafeteria manager called the campus police. Previous instructions from her bosses perhaps?
  • Why the officer who was called decided to arrest. A crime anywhere else, perhaps?
  • Why the student still refused to pay. Busy talking on her cell phone, perhaps? Or was it FTP?
  • Why the officer did not call for his supervisor before deciding to arrest. Felt it unnecessary, perhaps? (By the way, I'm wondering how many Morgan students are arrested by the Campus Police during a typical month.)
  • Why the officer had not been trained that arresting students was a last resort. Perhaps someone didn't think of it.
  • Why the Chief got involved. She was the daughter of a Very Important Person, perhaps.
  • Why the student was not just "Investigated and Released". {If my job was on the line, I'd show up and pay the $6.50.} We guess the resulting Resisting Arrest charge perhaps. 
  • Why the Chief or school didn't just speak to the State's Attorney after making payment and have the case dismissed before court? Cases are nolle prossed all the time. 
  • Why were the reports destroyed and altered. Always a bad move, Perhaps.

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