Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Club Choices for Sale!

It appears that Club Choices is for sale for $25 million. The ad states that it has 3 unique licenses-the only night club in Maryland to do so: Adult Entertainment License (strippers, etc.?), an after hours license (hmmm. not much good happens after midnight, Brian Billick told the Ravens last spring), and a regular ole Baltimore City Liquor License.

Sounds like the perfect spot for Buz to open up his Vice Mall: Inside, anything goes: strip club, deprecations of all kinds, fights to the death, prostitution, all drugs ala Hampsterdam, and of course slots. Buz will be in charge of security and happily pay taxes on it to support education, horse, racing, etc, blah blah blah. He predicts that it will be so successful that Magna Entertainment will not have to have slots anywhere else. And the ad says that zoning will allow building up to 80 stories: the world's first high-rise Vice Mall! Just imagine: no new taxes for the next 10 years for the already wealthiest state in the country. Conventions, here we come.......Get in on it! 

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