Monday, February 18, 2008

The Sun mentions crime-type blogs!

Well, the Sun mentioned my humble blog in the paper on Sunday. See this link:,0,265772.column.

It is important to note that Northern Illinois University "did all the right things", but the presence of their emergency notification system did not stop the killer nor help anyone in this case. If the killer was wandering around campus shooting people in different locations, some notification system would probably have been useful. The campus police arrived very quickly, but by the time they arrived it was all over. Is there a way to prevent these types of incidents? Probably not, as long as their is no quick and easy way to screen for mental illness.

Thank goodness these incidents, despite the hyped-up coverage, are very rare on campuses. Unfortunately, the more press coverage they get, the more likely it is that someone out there will try to get their day of fame.

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