Monday, February 18, 2008

Buz Crime Alert

Buz has learned that there has been a wave of burglaries of businesses in the Hampden area, including a number on "The Avenue"--36th Street. They generally have been overnight and through the backdoors. Taken has been anything which can easily be sold or pawned: jewelry, cash, etc. Many of the buildings in this area are old and the structures are not terribly secure. Plus, many of these small businesses are struggling, so they don't have sophisticated alarm systems. In one case a rudimentary alarm was easily disabled by the burglars, who apparently have some construction-type skills.

Sophisticated alarms are no guarantee, though. One Hampden business was broken into 3 times last year by the same burglar. He looked right at the sophisticated camera while he put the owner's gun down his unsophisticated pants. He did not care about all that noise the alarm siren was making, either.

(They probably cannot get construction-type jobs, for the most part, though, because they cannot pass drug tests, and have buried themselves with lousy criminal and work records.)

Buz suggests taking a hard look at your business security hardware, and think about how the burglar will get it to steal your hard-earned stuff.

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