Thursday, February 21, 2008

Buz Crime Tip of the Day: Bank Deposits

Yesterday Buz had lunch at a small deli in a safe, undisclosed location. I noticed the woman owner "proudly" and openly put her coat on and carried her fancy, shmancy heavy zippered bank bag out the door in on her way to the bank. Perhaps she has done this for years and nothing has ever happened. And the deli is in a real nice area with only real nice people; and the bank is around the corner; the guard is "always" outside there; and she is tough.

Great to all of that, but: why take that risk with your hard-earned small business cash?

If you think you can't afford our friends at Dunbar Armored, no one should know you are going to the bank, or if you're going to the bank, and certainly not when you're going to the bank.

Buz remembers the sad case of one of the owners of City Cafe a few years ago, who was shot and killed when making a bank deposit.

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