Thursday, February 21, 2008

Buz Crime Alert-burglaries in Pigtown

I've seen that our dear friend and Blogger Carol Ott had her place broken into the other day, a week or so after her neighbor's house got broken into. Don't have many details about it, except that it appears to be a growing trend: active burglars in some parts of the city. Pigtown's current wave started several weeks ago.

There has to be defense in depth against these cretins. Alarms are only one chink in the armor. Some neighborhoods, frankly, are not terribly defensible. The decent people go to work, and the thugs are watching and waiting. And no one is calling and no one is snitching. And the cops are in court or working night work to stop the shootings and killings--perhaps detailed to the Eastern and Western Districts. Daytime burglars rely on this lack of "natural surveillance".

I hope Carol can give me a call to discuss her situation. As one of Bmore's famous lawyer's said: "let's talk about it".

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Carol Ott said...

I'd be more than happy to call you, but I don't have your number. :)

Email me and I'll call you towards the end of the day, if that's convenient. I'm so angry about being burglarized...and outraged for all of my neighbors...I'm just numb.