Wednesday, January 9, 2008

pigtown crime, etc.

I wonder what our blogger Carol Ott makes of all the TV and newspaper articles about the crime in pigtown. Though I'm sure the burglar caught did a fair number of jobs, I doubt that he was alone. One little tidbit in the paper I did catch was that he (and others) broke into houses with alarms, and ripped the sirens off the wall, figuring they could get away before the cops came. Hmmm. Not such a great police response time, huh; but whaddaya expect when half or more of the day shift is sitting in court? And the others are handling accidents and taking other reports.

Most burglars shy away from alarmed premises, and the fact that some are not is scary. People, the alarm just means that they've now arrived. You also need good locks, and doors, and grates, and windows to delay their entry.


Carol Ott said...

Don't know if you missed my comments on the Baltimore crime blog -- but I think it's great that my neighbors are speaking out about crime. We don't have a violent crime problem in our neighborhood, it's 99.9% property crime...and it's not surprising to see that, given the new people who have moved in over the past two years or so.

Also, the burglary stats for 2007 aren't much different than the year prior -- it's just more public.

buzoncrime said...

Ok, you're right; a search on the city's site shows no violent crime in pigtown (Washington Village) during the last available two-week period.

But it also showed a large amount of property crime and of course it doesn't show all the heavy dealing. I haven't been down that neck of the woods lately, but I wonder if the girls are still walking really heavy along the boulevard.

By the way, before I made Sergeant ( a couple of years ago), I had 934 post in the Southern, which included a good chunk of Pigtown--in the early/mid 1970s. I admire you for opening a shop there, but wouldn't want to do it myself.