Monday, January 7, 2008

Death of an officer

So sad to see a person of such niceness struck down by a hit-and-run drunk driver (we think).

Here's hoping:

*That the MDTA police and the Maryland Transportation Authority recognize the high risks of the situation the officer was placed in: darkness, New Year's Eve and its concurrent heavy drinking, and working on an interstate. Flares and barrels won't protect your number one asset: personnel! These kind of situations need vehicles between the speeding and aggressive interstate drivers and the officers--preferably those big MDot dumptrucks with the bright flashing lights and arrows. It's no panacea, but ideally the driver will notice and not hit that, but if they do, some protection will be afforded the people. By the way, is there any way in hell we can get people to slow down on the interstates?

*That they make a case against the Block stripper who almost certainly was driving and hit this officer. They've got an uphill battle, though, since one of the elements of drunk driving is that the offficer or witnesses see the suspect actually in control of the car. Perhaps one of her Block bar bunkies can be pressured to reveal they saw her get into the car.......even that is weak. Maybe her insurance company will raise her rates.

*That somebody figures out how that suspect vehicle made it all the way from the accident scene to the rest stop in Cecil County without being noticed. Buz thinks that there were two few cops on the interstate and they all rushed to the scene, or were tied up off the highway with arrests or handling accidents. That car had half the windshield cracked!


ppatin said...

Your blog has made for interesting reading so far. I especially agree with what you said about dirtbikes. A cab driver once told me that if you have an accident involving a group of thugs on dirtbikes you should just keep driving and call it in to the police once you've gotten away. He said that anyone who gets in a crash with them is likely to get beaten or shot, and that you're better off risking a hit & run charge.

buzoncrime said...

The cab driver is probably pretty street-wise about it. Often during the warmer months these guys drive in packs of 10 or so.

Remember what happened to that Sun reporter, Carl Schoetttler who stopped to exchange info after a fender bender just outside city hall. He was severely beaten and robbed, and at least one of the suspects escaped in a "courtesy shuttle" operated by one of our fine strip joints. Fortunately, that driver went to jail, eventually, for "not snitching".

By the way, after I wrote that blog, I was on my way westbound on Cold Spring when a trailbike without tags did a wheely and pulled right in front of me, cutting me off. After a blast from my car's horn, I was given a one-fingered salute. He had to stop for a red light, like I did, and zoomed away before it turned green saluting me again.

I couldn't help but wonder that some day he'll give the finger to another fella who doesn't like to be disrespected. Our stats will then increase by one. Baltimore is drenched in a culture of in-your-face, street violence, and being macho and tough.