Sunday, January 13, 2008

Guardian Angels sighted in Baltimore again!

Just came from the Evergreen coffee shop in Roland Park and spotted 4 Guardian Angel guys in there with flashy red jackets, red berets and various other paraphernalia. Two were sitting in a booth talking earnestly to two beautiful young women, who could have been Loyola students. One of the Angels told Buz that they were recruiting. I decllined to join.

Buz is very puzzled by this phenomenon. Who are they? Are they local or did they come from New York? And like what do they think they're going to do here in Bodymore, Murdaland? Are they a 501c3? Who pays for all their stuff? Like, do they have day jobs?

Upon observatijon, jBuz noticed that their satin-like red jackets were not cheap-looking; one guy had a nextel-type phone attached to his lapel which he kept checking, along with a walkie talkie on a fancy, not cheap utility belt,which they all wore. They were carrying handcuffs, but no apparent other weapons.

Buz wonders how they deploy and what their "rules of engagement" are. Are they covered if one of them gets hurt jor killed. Are they screened in any way by any one!? Who knows!? WTF!?

Perhaps they will deploy in and around the MTA bus system. I wonder if Bernie Goetz is a member.

I wonder if they have a compstat, where the commanders get to blame subordinates for not knowing of any and every small detail of crime in their area. I wonder if they have a commander who yells and throws papers in disgust.

I welcome any crimefighting effort, but the Buz-Curmudgeon is skeptical. In any case, the Evergreen felt safe with them there.

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