Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thoughts on the double murder near MICA

Buz has some strange eclectic thoughts about the shooting on Mt. Royal Avenue the other night in which two people were killed:
  • Buz knows you're not supposed to blame the victim, but if an arrest is ever made in this case, experience shows that those charged will be very similar in many respects to the driver-victim: male, criminal record (long), a ne'er do well, unemployed, and just wandering around the city getting in trouble. Oh, sorry, he was just looking to turn his life around.
  • Ok, so the argument with the guys in the green Jetta started around North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue. HMMMMMM. Everybody knows that they're selling real hot and heavy around there: coke and weed and sex all up and down the Avenue. One of Buz's recent clients told him that she doesn't want to go the library at North and Pennsy because she's trying to stay clean and there's too many people dealing around there.
  • So, the consultant will venture a guess that they were driving around looking to cop, when they got into a beef near North & Pennsy with the Jetta-boys.
  • By the way, what's a grown man "from Harford County" doing drifting around in the city with a 16-year old girl from Dundalk and two male teenagers in the back seat. Paper says they were friends. Huh? Ok, I know, he was running an after-school program, and they were all looking for jobs.
  • I wonder, since he appeared to be unemployed, and had an address in Harford County, who was paying for his car, insurance, gas, and other living expenses.
  • Buz sees that he had a lengthy criminal record, including domestic violence. He has dealt with a few domestic violence offenders and while most are ok, a large minority are very pushy, bossy, and hard-headed (sorta like Buz!--once in a while). Buz couldn't but wonder if he encountered a couple of guys who not did like to feel they were being disrespected and "punked out". 
  • That service drive off of Mt. Royal is very dark in that block; it's not terribly surprising the thugs in the Jetta decided to make their move there. (Most of the side streets near MICA are dark).
  • The Sun said that the incident happened two blocks from MICA. Well, yes, if you go by MICA's mailing address; but the college owns houses in that block in which students and some faculty reside; and it is only a half-block or so to one of MICA's dorms.
  • Cops are keeping tight lips on this case--not saying if the Jetta, found in Northwest, was reported stolen or not or whether they have any prints or other evidence in it. I saw from TV that two of our best homicide detectives were on the scene: the black guy, whose name escapes me who was the hero when the woman in Roland Park got abducted and thrown in her car's trunk, and Dennis Raftery who is a good cop and used to work for me in Northwest. (He's from New York, like Ed Norris).
  • The consultant notes that, a far as he knows, the other two recent fatal "road rage" incidents have not resulted in arrests: the shooting of the Pakistani cab driver in Charles Village, nor the Christmas shooting of the woman on Orleans Street near Hopkins hospital.

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