Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Recent crime reports: City College, Quarry Lake

Just reported:
A student at Baltimore City College was robbed last Thursday in broad daylight at 4pm as he was walking between the tennis courts to his car on the Loch Raven side of the school. He was approached by 5 teenagers--one armed with brass knuckles and another armed with a knife. (Courageous Baltimore thugs like the odds in their favor a bit.) One did the standard pre-robbery  question: do you know what time it is? When the kid answered it was about 4, the young gentleman said: you know that because you have a cell phone on you; give it to me. So the young student gave it up. He then got away from them and reported it to our crack, elite Baltimore School Police (there were 4 of them on duty!). They were able to swoop up and grab 2 out of 5, but no weapons or cell phone on those young lads. Our victim very ethically declined to identify the perps as the ones, because he couldn't be sure.

Buz says: Clearly 4 school police on site at such a relatively small property, in daylight, should have been able to prevent this kind of crime. Betcha: 3-1, they were all together in one spot laughing, joking, shooting the breeze, talking on their cell phones, and checking websites. I hope I'm wrong, but betcha there isn't much supervision going on once the school day is over.

Buz advice to school system: send out trusted or objective people out to your scattered sites to see what your folks are up to and if they're earning their overtime money. Betcha 4-1, it ain't gonna happen.

Also: just in: Up at Quarry Heights, the swank new development off Greenspring, someone stole all their flat screen TVs earlier this year, sounding very similar to the burglaries at Boys Latin and Bryn Mawr. The consultant just wishes these electronic techs could find some decent construction type job so they don't have to use their skills this way. Crime tip for businesses, especially new ones: watch your contractors like hawks--unless you've been doing business with them for a long time. Wish it weren't true, but a lot of contractors have a network of scuzzy (that's a technical term) buyers for their "aftermarket" for various goods. Hope you all enjoyed the super bowl real good, guys. Remember, all you users of fancy electronic stuff, the walls have eyes, and the eyes of ne'er do wells just can't take themselves off of electronics. And at the same time, they're looking around to see what if any security you have--if any. Don't tell them! For reasons of security, we don't discuss our security. 

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