Friday, May 28, 2010

Police and their body armor: wish they wouldn't do that!

The other night we saw a near to us drug raid in one of the rowhouses near Buz's humble abode. There were about 6-8 plainclothes police officers with the usual assortment of t-shirts, badges around their necks, short, etc.

But what alarmed poor, old-school Buz was the open wearing of the soft body armor over their street clothes, dark blue (for poor visibility, I guess), but the words "police" in big white letters. Obviously, the manufacutrer vendor thought they should be worn on drug raid, just, you know, like on television. So, this shows the criminals and everybody that they're wearing soft body armor (it's a no-no to call them bullett proof!). I wish they wouldn't do that!

These cops and the commanders that buy this stuff have really gotten comlacent. When it's widely "advertised" that the main part of the body is protected, you are inculcating into the criminals mind that he should just shoot you in the head. During my career many officer were shot and killed in the head; I won't bother to name them. Oh, I know, It won't happen to me!

Um, as far as I know, polce general orders still require officers to wear their body armor while on duty at all times. The uniformed folks have to!


ppatin said...

I believe this has been brought up before, but I'm not a fan of cops in street clothes (especially shorts!) with the big old "POLICE" body armor worn over them. I get the whole plainclothes thing if they're trying to blend in, but I'd like to see more cops in uniform rather than in baggy jeans and sweatshirts with badges around their neck. Much more professional IMO, and while I know it's a little silly to obsess over appearances I believe that people are more likely to respect officers who look sharp.

buzoncrime said...

Yes, p, and what's the point in wearing plainclothes all the time, with your body armor on saying police all over it, and your badges around your neck--driving around in marked police cars.

And I think the wearing of shorts is silly and not safe. Hey, guys, ever get into a battle in one of Baltimore's glass, rat, and crap-infested alleys?

And your point about the professional appearance is especially annoying when they're wearing baseball hats on backwards.