Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's hear it from the bouncers!

Buz has already gotten a couple of comments from doormen/bouncers at some of Baltimore nightspots/clubs/bars. He'd like to hear more on how the the big guys are thinking about the withdrawal of approval for cops to work overtime for the clubs. There seems to be a bit of anxiety out there, but your consultant wants to know: how's it going? Can you guys (and, maybe, some gals) handle it? Will the cops come if you call? at all? quickly? Do you guys think some of the officers will work for the bars, anyway, out of uniform--under the table? And, if so, will the on-duty officers wink and nod, and handle stuff for them?

And how did the first "college night" last night go without the boys in blue? I know the cold probably kept the lid on a bit.

Let me know what's going on with nightclub security! You folks, the first line of defense, are in the best position to know.


John said...


The bar is yet to call the police, but we have had two incidents where a 3rd party has, and the police response has been overwhelming. This is good on one level, and concerning on another. With the former, I'm pleased that the police are taking any concerns from the nightlife district very seriously. At the same time, relating to the latter, I'm worried that the police will soon get frustrated to having to respond to these calls and stop coming. Furthermore, I feel that these incidents could both have been easily controlled by the overtime units without calling for additional units. Thus, creating a pseudo-boy called wolf scenario. I hope the overtime officers return, especially considering the Iguana incident that was the impetus for removal of the officers was not all it was purported to be.

buzoncrime said...

John---glad the cops were there for you this couple of times. Thanks for giving me the update.

I don't think the police will stop coming, but there has always been a conundrum in Baltimore that the number of calls for service a bar receives for police is somehow held against them by the liquor board. So, that is why a lot of places won'e call. On one hand, you would think that it would be wanted for the police to be called to timely prevent more trouble. But on the other hand, there is thinking: we're not your bouncers. I don't think that you have to worry about shouting wolf too much.
If the bars know police are near, they'll do their part to maintain order inside, but will call if unable to do so for some reason. But if they do call, it should not be held against them, unless, say, patrons are obviously way too drunk or obviously underage. The bar has that responsibility too.There needs to be an honest discussion with the department with where they stand, though.

Do you know if any of the bars/clubs in your area have obtained the services of sheriffs or police from other agencies? Or some other solution to the outside security problems?

Thanks again for the update; this will be a continuing issue for security.

John said...

Driving by Iguana the other day they had at least one individual in plain clothes with his sheriff's badge on his neck and gun at his hip at the front door.

buzoncrime said...

Hey, John, thanks!
That's interesting............I'm gonna have to go down some night and check out that Iguana and the surrounding area. I'm just afraid they won't let me in because I'm too old.

And it sounds like it might be violent and scary!

Hope your area stays peaceful. Betcha Fed Hill is gonna be busy tonight after the Redskins game. On the other hand, it's really cold and some people actually have to go to work tomorrow.