Friday, September 26, 2008

Peter Moskos is coming!

Buz has learned that Peter Moskos is coming to the Baltimore Book Fair this weekend. He'll be here promoting his book covering his year as a patrol officer in the Eastern District. The poor skeptical consultant is anxious to read it, but is a bit jaundiced (is that the right word?) because he wonders how well this could reflect police work in Baltimore since he was only in one district and on the midnite shift at that-for a year or so, and I'm not sure that that includes the academy time.

On the other hand, it's always good to see someone from Baltimore, especially even a rookie cop, finish their Ph.D.

I hope many of my readers will make It down there and chat with him, and tell me what you think.

I heard he got into it with Norris on Norris's show no less, but alas, I missed it. Did anybody out there hear Norris and Moskos and Moskos chatting, and hopefully, politely disagreeing?


PCM said...

I heard myself on the Norris show. The man chewed me a new asshole. But only after I was off the air. Seems like he didn't have the balls to let me defend myself. When I complained, they said I could back. I think to their surprise, I readily accept to come back for more abuse. That was the last I heard from them.

Anyway... I'm happy to be back in Baltimore and looking forward to my appearances this weekend.

buzoncrime said...

Thanks for the comment, Peter! I hope to make it down thru crime and traffic-ridden Baltimore streets to see you. The Baltimore Book Festival is always great; good idea to come. Looking forward to reading your book!

And I hope you sell a lot of them. It's gotta be better than another book I picked up at Greetings and Readings by another former Eastern guy in the local author section:Badges, Bullets, and Bars by disgraced former Eastern District cop Danny Shanahan. I dunno. I think he should have gotten a copy editor or ghost writer or something.

Since Peter Moskos, I think, has gotten his Ph.D. now, are you teaching somewhere, and if so, what. And if you are teaching, how, if at all, do you bring your Bmore experience into the classroom and to your students?
Please let us know!? Thanks!

P.S. I think it would be a great idea if you and Norris would go in together in writing a book about policing in Baltimore, perhaps juxtaposing every other chapter. Maybe David Simon or Ed Burns could write the Foreward or Introduction. Who would write the epilogue!? Who knows? Baltimore's journey against embedded street crime be continued.

PCM said...

I'm teaching at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC. Some of my students have policed a lot longer than I ever did (which of course is true for most cops). But having walked the walk, even if briefly, gives me a bit more street cred when I talk the talk.

Having been a police officer certainly makes me a more knowledgeable--and I hope better--professor.

buzoncrime said...

My God, you were in the EAstern District for a year; that's all the street cred you need!

And yes, I think the experience certainly makes you a better professor (of course, I'm prejudice a bit).