Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crimes in North Baltimore

Buz has learned that an employee of Eddie's Supermarket (works in Bakery) was coming home after work on Monday night, August 11th when she stopped for the light at southbound Roland at Coldspring. Two young dudes came out of the bushes near the Women's Club, one armed with a gun, and pulled her out of her car, hitting her in the face with the gun. Fortunately, an officer was waiting for the light across the way, saw it go down, and a short chase ensued. One of the suspects got away, with all of her property, purse, cell, etc. The other was caught. No other details immediately available.

A whole bunch of other crimes were reported in this week's messenger in North Baltimore, including a robbery of a guy who was followed into the Roland Springs development in the early morning hours. Wonder what the backstory is here? (If any)

Also, there were a number of second story burglaries, mostly in the early morning hours, wherein crooks used ladders or fire escapes. You-all can't assume that just because you're on the 2nd floor, you can't be broken into; it often decreases your risk, but isn't foolproof. Buz watched one guy climb the latticework outside the Hickory Heights apartments from ground level to the 2nd floor balcony in less than a minute. When he saw me looking at him, he said, "I live here". I then noticed another person came out of the apartment, looking ok, so I believed him.

An employee of Eddie's also told me about a customer who wanted to report his expensive bike stolen to two of Baltimore's finest. They went "uh, huh, ok". Finally, he said: "aren't you guys going to write anything down?" When he got an equivocating answer, he said: look, I need a police report for my insurance claim, ok? Then the notebook popped out. The Eddie's employee told your consultant that a "high ranking legal person"/customer also told him that a lot of stuff isn't getting reported. Buz wonders if anyone else has similar thoughts along these lines.


Harold said...

Buz, you bet there's a ton of stuff that's under reported. Dixon, etc. definitely don't want the wealthier people of baltimore to get excited, as they might be able to get rid of the whole corrupt structure if they ever got organized (a la Anna Sowers)

buzoncrime said...

Harold---one of the bedrocks of effective crime-fighting is knowing where/when/ and how the crimes are committed against what demographic of victim by what demographic of suspect. If we ignore facts, we fly by the seat of our political pants. Remember, if a crime isn't reported, it doesn't exist. If you have no crime in a given area, you won't deploy to combat it.

And yes, the system is dysfunctional, and in some ways corrupt, but it's what has evolved and what we have to deal with.

I've believed for many years that communities (and jurisdictions) get the kind of law enforcement and criminal justice that they desire. Unfortunately, we are saddled with the past and history. We wish it weren't so, but it is.

Anonymous said...

Police are crooked in all the city.
Ive seen even so called good cops be bribed-give us a gun well let you go..cause the get a bounus for every turned in gun!

buzoncrime said...

Anonymous--sorry about your perceptions of city cops: I'm sure some are crooked, but the majority are not. They may get brownie points for getting a gun off the street, but no extra money.

They probably had someone (was it you?) on a humble, and were trying to get information out of them about guns in the community to , you know, slow down the killing according to Plan Bealefeld/Dixon.