Thursday, June 5, 2008

Riot in Fells Point!?

I just got this email from a tourist to our town who was visiting from Rhode Island for the Red Sox series. I wonder if ppatin or any other readers out there have any knowledge of this event in Fells Point, and to what degree this is normal behavior on warm spring/summer weekends.

All thoughts welcome!
Here's what she sent: (As Dave Barry might say, I am not making this up)

"Thank you in advance for reading this I have, I guess, a strange question for you. Found you on your website in my googling.

I am from Rhode Island. My boyfriend took me to Baltimore this past weekend to see the Red Sox play (awesome games I might add). we stayed at the Admiral Fell Inn at Fells Point. Neither of us had a clue about the high crime rate until we were immersed in it.

Something terrible happened right outside our hotel in the middle of the night - Sat 5/31 - Sun 6/1 - about 2AM.......on the corner of Thames and Broadway. I am totally perplexed because every attempt to find out exactly what happened has turned up nothing - getting obsessed here. I am wondering if it is because it was unsubstantial in the big crime scheme there, or if it is covered up, etc.

I have been to the Baltimore Sun, police blogs, etc - - NOTHING.

It involved MANY people (maybe 100??), SO MANY police - someone (or someoneS) were badly hurt - people there were horrified, even the people who were involved which seemed to be a crowd that was not immune to this type of violence. It as frightening - awakned to screaming and then yelling which lasted forever, it seemed......nearly a riot - at least 50 people fighting in the street (seperate small fights which the police didn't seem to be doing to much about, though their bilyclubs were out and ready throughout!)......went on for quite some time. Hotel guy the next morning just said it was a fight, maybe gangs, and that there was "a lot of blood'. then, nothing.

The problem is this - I am not seeking info out of morbid curiosity. But I need closure from it - it was all so surreal lthat night.....and then I came home on Sunday night and can barely sleep. I am panicky all of a sudden, obviously more traumatized by it than I thought. I never witnessed anything like it. My boyfriend was freaked also. We were actually worried they would try to overtake the hotel!!

How can somethng so awful be unreported to the public????

Can I have information related to it so i can close it out and put it to rest???"

Lisa in Little Rhody

"PS) wonderng if my instincts are on.........I was scared with goosebumps whenever we were on Pratt St.....just terrible vibes there. Am I making sense??"


Anonymous said...

I would imagine a simple bar fight. That is all. Not gang activity, street hodlems run amock, or a serious threat to anyone more than 50 yards away's safety.

We had a similar incident in Federal Hill this weekend between large groups of intoxicated fans.

In the big crime scheme of things, not a big deal unless someone important is involved, or someone dies.

As to the police response, awaiting additional units and picking fighters from the periphery and moving towards the juicy, bloody center is the preferable method to running in, mace spraying, club swinging.

P.S. It's a fight, they happen. Nothing to see here.

buzoncrime said...

Well, that's kinda the response I had too, except she sent me another email advising that she's a psych nurse and is used to bad situations. So I thought i'd post to see if it was anything more than a wild Saturday night in Bmore and the Point.

ppatin said...

Hmm, I don't recall hearing anything about that this past weekend, then again I didn't know about the murder in Upper Fells Point a few weeks ago until I read about it in the Sun. Thuggishness & hoodlumery around Broadway & Thames is almost unheard of. If you're looking for trouble in Fells Point the places to go to are Cheerleaders, Moby's or Rodo's. Latin Palace had some sleazy looking people there a few years ago, but they could've been all bark & no bite.

buzoncrime said...

Thanks, P!
I haven't been down there at night for a while. I know Rodos; where are Cheerleaders and Moby's? Isn't Cheerleaders where the UMBC gal got stabbed?

There are plenty of bar fights at 2am near Thames and Broadway, but don't usually have this much aggravation.

ppatin said...


There was a nasty incident at Cheerleader's a month or two ago, although from what I recall it wasn't a stabbing. I think it was a brief fight that led to a liver laceration. What I read was that the bar's security people were pretty good about breaking the fight up quickly, but it was intense enough to put one woman in the hospital for a day or two.

It's actually the Cheerleader's incident that makes me think that the Broadway & Thames fight wasn't that bad. A fight in Fells Point that puts people in the hospital is the sort of thing that'll probably get mentioned in the local news.

buzoncrime said...

Thanks! Just checking.

Bob said...

I was there that evening and noticed it too. It definitely was not a riot, nor anything big. It was a group of 4 friends, one of which left in an ambulance. Also, it really was not a spectacle, I only noticed it because I was heading back to the parking garage by Duclaw. Sorry I couldn't provide more info, but reading this post reminded me that I wanted to find out what all the ruckus was about.

Buz said...

Thanks, Bob---
I just stay out of the way of these bar fights, and leave for home around 1AM.

Bob said...

Yea. I was actually mentioning that to our group. We stayed a little longer than we wanted but Karl Filipiak was playing at the Cat's Eye Pub and he played until close so it was tough to round up the troops to leave.