Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Security Tip of the Day

Buz recently went into a business in North Baltimore and saw the clerk, behind "bullet-resistant" glass counting a huge wad of money. Now, Buz is reasonably honest, and was not tempted. However, if I was a dirtball with evil intentions, I'd notice that the door in the biz leading to that lady was unlocked and in fact open when staff were going in and out. Now, the staff were all "tough guys", but if the temptation was great enough.............

So, retailers everywhere: don't have your staff count the day's receipts in plain view of the public. Ideally, the money should be counted in a locked room and safely prepared either for a bank deposit or placed in the safe til the morning. Don't give people ideas.

Along the same line, don't proudly parade your fancy, schmancy bank bag with the big zipper in front of God and everybody while you walk to the bank. Buz sees many people do this; you can probably do this for years, depending on your location, without anything happening. But why tempt fate?

For you non-business folks, don't carry a big wad for the same reasons. I know, it's too much moolah to carry around in your wallet, and you're tough, you played lacrosse and all, and you're big, and maybe there's a lot of 1's. Who knows? Don't show off your wad. I saw a guy in the Evergreen the other day with a wad of green stuff which would choke a horse. Buz's eyes lit up, but he wasn't tempted. Other people might be.

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