Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crime and Security in Baltimore: random thoughts

I just learned that the needle exchange program in Hampden has been quietly moved for lack of attendance. Well, gee, who woulda thunk? After some back and forth negotiations with the neighborhood honchos, the Health Department located the van in the 3800 block of Buena Vista Avenue. And nobody came. Guess what, guys? The Fraternal Order of Police offices are in the next block! And, you know, cops and junkies don't really mix very well. So, it's no surprise that the program ended.

It's not that there's no drug use in Hampden--there's plenty. You can see them all up and down Falls Road with glazed eyes and hanging out waiting for the stuff to get there or for a ride to where it's at.

The Health Department started the program because of the high number of emergency room visits for overdoses from Hampden.

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Carol Ott said...

Please for the love of God don't let them move the damn thing to Pigtown. PLEASE.